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Top 200 Pemilihan Duta Muda Asean 2017: Khairil Ramadhani

Khairil Ramadhani, one of the particpants of Asean Youth Ambassador, from Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia. In this opportunity, he would like to express his idea towards Asean. 
Since Asean countries is majoritively connected one another by rural boundary area, it is very substantial to pay more attention on rural boundary area in order to achieve Asean Vision Community.
In this regard, I have three main ideas on how we can deal with the rural boundary problem:
1. Establishment ASEAN KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata_Student Study Service) to the undeveloped rural boundary area within ASEAN countries.
2. International rural administrator exchange.
3. Training for the villager and rural administrator exchange.
Those program is in line with the three main pillars of Asean Vision Community 2025 as well as Asean Connectivity. The main purpose of those programs is to create an active communitiy in rural boundary area in order to achieve the more connected and integrated Asean. 
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