Southeast Asian Studies Program
Graduate School
Chulalongkorn University

Who are we?

The Southeast Asian Studies Program is an international program, established as a Master of Arts Degree in Southeast Asian Studies since 2003. As a multi-disciplinary program, we are under the Graduate School pf Chulalonkorn University. We cooperate with the Institute of Asian Studies of Chulalongkorn University, the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Political Sciences, and the Faculty of Economics. Members  and researchers from these varied faculties, with reputations of regional and international stature, all contribute to the courses offered. In this sense, Southeast Asian Studies will be expounded through the lens of Southeast Asian perspectives. Well-known scholars are invited to give lectures. Special talks by world-renowned authorities of relevant topics are frequently organized. The program is well supported and supplemented by the university's library facilities. The Thai Studies Program at the Faculty of Arts also operates in coordination with our program to provide opportunities to students. Studentsare thus able to choose some courses from the Thai Studies Center as elective courses.